Is it still acceptable in 2018 to not have a LinkedIn profile photo….?

A few years ago LinkedIn profiles weren’t great. There were a lot of people who struggled to find a suitable professional looking photo for their profile. In an age where there are professional profile photographers and often set ups at industry events, is it really ok to not have a profile photo ?

The next question is….

Is it acceptable to not have a professional profile photo ?

I don’t just mean a picture from your cousins wedding where you last dressed really smart. But one taken by a professional photographer with professional equipment ?

Here’s the reality, you will spend hundreds of pounds/dollars on nice suits, dresses, shoes, watches, jewellery etc. You do all of this to look good in front of your prospects, customers and colleagues. You’ll do that without thinking twice, yet very few people spend money on their LinkedIn profile. The reality is MORE of your prospects and customers will see that than actually see YOU!

The small investment to get a professional profile photo done could lead to A LOT more opportunities…….

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